Jun 20, 2024

1 lakh 28 thousand tourists arrived in a month

1 lakh 28 thousand tourists arrived in a month

KATHMANDU, April 01:One lakh 28 thousand tourists arrived in Nepal in one month. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 128 thousand 167 tourists arrived in March.

In March 2023, 99,426 tourists arrived. Tourist arrivals are up 28.9 percent over last year.

This statistic is 31,000 more than the previous month. In the previous month, February, 97 thousand 426 tourists had arrived. 

Before Corona, 1 lakh 27 thousand 351 tourists arrived in 2019. After four years, fresh tourist arrivals have broken a record this year.

March, April, and May are considered peak tourism months. This season sees a rise in the number of tourists doing hiking and mountain climbing.

This year, 30,698 tourists came from India.

Similarly, 12,092 tourists have entered from China; 10,763 from America; 4,567 from Thailand; 7,241 from Britain; 2,946 from Bangladesh; and 5,741 from Sri Lanka.