Jun 20, 2024

Three tigers die in cage of Parsa National Park

Three tigers die in cage of Parsa National Park

PARSA, April 01: Three tigers kept inside a cage in the Parsa National Park (PNP) have died in the latest some months. Two male and one female tigers rescued from Chitwan National Park and Thori of Parsa and brought here have died. 


An 8-year-old adult male elephant that was brought here after rescuing from Chitwan National Park has died lately, the Parsa National Park Administration said. PNP Information Officer Santosh Bhagat said the wild cat, which was sick for some days, was found dead when the keepers went to the cage to feed it.


Two tigers kept in a cage at PNP had also died two months back. The PNP Administration said the tigers might have died due to illness as they were kept in a single cage that could accommodate only two tigers.


PNP Chief Conservation Officer, Ram Chandra Khatiwada, informed that the tigers died as they had to be kept in the cage for a long time after rescuing them. 


A tiger count conducted in 2022 put the number of Royal Bengal Tigers in PNP at 41.