Jun 20, 2024

'Religious and Cultural Festival' at Kalika Temple

'Religious and Cultural Festival' at Kalika Temple

LAMJUNG, April 01:A special fair will be hosted at Lamjung Kalika Temple, which has historical and religious significance. On the occasion of Chaite Dashain, a religious fair will be held at the Kalika temple complex, and this year's religious and cultural festival will promote the historic Lamjung Darwar and Kalika temple.

Kisan Sangeet Nepali, Coordinator of the Religious and Cultural celebration Publicity Sub-Committee, stated that a celebration will be conducted systematically on the occasion of Chaite Dashain, which falls on the fourth of Baisakh, in order to promote Lamjung Darbar and Kalika Temple. To organize the fair, the all-party meeting organized the 'Chaite Dashain Mela and Cultural Festival' core function committee, which is coordinated by Arjun Shrestha, president of Lamjung Kalika Youth Club.

In addition, 16 distinct subcommittees have been formed, according to Nepali, the publicity subcommittee's coordinator. In addition to the regular puja at Kalika temple, the Chaite Dashain fair and cultural festival will feature musical performances by national and local musicians, seminars for tourism development, and so on.