May 29, 2024

Let us make the Pokhara International Airport fully operational

Let us make the Pokhara International Airport fully operational

POKHARA, Feb 20:Former finance ministers Barshman Pun and Surendra Pandey have stated that Pokhara International Airport must be fully operational.

They insist that the government should take diplomatic initiatives with foreign countries for regular international flights from the airport, which only has domestic flights.

Former Finance Minister Pun told journalist Kiran Nepal during the 'Meaning of Being Finance Minister' session of the present Nepal Literature Festival in Pokhara that the government established an international airport in Pokhara after realizing its potential. "An international airport in Pokhara is necessary, it can be operated, but the government should start a meaningful initiative to open the airways and start international flights," the minister added.

Former Finance Minister Pun stated that international airports in Pokhara and Bhairahawa are essential for tourism since millions of people from China and India, both of which have large populations, travel overseas each year.

Former Finance Minister Pandey believes geopolitical complexity contributes to the lack of regular international flights from Pokhara Airport. We do not always have influence over geopolitical events. The geopolitical influence and impact should also be thoroughly examined while undertaking development projects,' he added. "The country is incurring losses since the airport built with a significant loan investment is not fully functioning, and it is being criticized by the public.

Former Finance Minister Pandey stated that the essential infrastructure should be developed and the airport made fully operational as soon as possible when the airways open.