Apr 20, 2024

Nepal Telecom celebrated its 20th anniversary

Nepal Telecom celebrated its 20th anniversary

KATHMANDU:Nepal Telecom completed its 20th anniversary celebrations on Monday. The program took place in the company's central office as well as other regional directorates and offices.

The ceremony was presided over by Ramakrishna Subedi, Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Chairman of the company's Board of Directors. It took place at the company's headquarters.

During the ceremony, the program's chief guest, Honorable Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma, thanked all employees and related parties for their assistance in modernizing, developing, and modifying services based on consumer needs and providing services at all local levels. She stated that it is required to run the application.

Minister Sharma discussed the progress of transforming 19 districts into model telecommunications districts through a variety of programs such as infrastructure development, service access, and service expansion, and directed that necessary actions be taken in the coming days to significantly improve services and income.

In the program, Ramakrishna Subedi, Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the company should continue to provide quality services while adhering to good corporate governance.

He stated that the company should be developed as a progressive organization by enhancing decision-making processes, working methods, and institutional structure, as well as making the internal working environment more flexible.

Navaraj Adhikari, Acting Chairman of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, stated that Nepal Telecom plays an important role in the development and expansion of telecommunication services in Nepal, and expressed his commitment that the company will improve over time as technology advances, with cooperation, coordination, and facilitation provided by the regulatory body.

Sangeeta Pahadi (Aryal), Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, provided a brief overview of the company's overall situation, stating that the company is steadily increasing its customer base since introducing mobile and data services based on wireless 4G LTE technology in all 77 districts of the country, as well as FTTH services based on optical fiber in 74 districts.

She said that various works are being done to make NT fiber service more attractive, highway network improvement work is being carried forward and 19 districts have been declared model telecommunication districts to improve the district-wise network.

Various facilities are provided under the NT Anniversary Offer. Customers who purchased the FTTH combo package with 20 Mbps data, one telephone, and one NTTV under last year's anniversary offer can renew the FTTH package with 50 Mbps capacity at about 15 percent less than the previous price.

In the case of new customers and other package renewals, they can purchase a combo package with an increased speed of up to 250 percent at the previous price. Similarly, it is said that one prepaid SIM card will be provided free of charge when purchasing a new FTTH service.

In the program, the sellers of the seven provinces who sold the most recharge cards of the company, the MPOS sellers, and the customers who paid the most revenue for the various services of the company were honored.

Also, employees who have completed 20 years of service in the company have been awarded long-service medals and certificates.