Apr 20, 2024

Chitwan College of Cookery to promotes Nepali ethnic food

Chitwan College of Cookery to promotes Nepali ethnic food

CHITWAN, Feb 01:Chitwan College of Cookery has begun efforts to introduce Nepalese cuisine to the world. The institution, which has been giving cookery instruction in Chitwan for the past two years, has begun efforts to promote Nepali food in the global market after Nepali ethnic food dishes became obsolete as foreign food dishes gained popularity in Nepal.

"Foreign food has made our tongue different from the taste of Nepali ethnic food. That's why it is necessary to introduce the Nepalese cuisine, which is known as an agricultural country, to the world," said chef  Laxman Prasad Bhandari. 

Therefore, Chitwan College has also started preparing to present a program through television to familiarize the general public with Nepali food.  Sachin Pratap KC, the college's executive director, announced that in the first phase, 20 series will be produced, and 20 prominent faces and families will be invited.

He also stated that the show 'Food Panorama TV Show with Celebrity' is being developed to begin airing in March. The program will be conducted by Priyarani Lama, the college's brand ambassador and Miss Cosmopolitan World 2019 winner.

20 popular faces and 20 varieties of food have been prepared for 20 series.