Apr 20, 2024

Shinta Mani Mustang listed among Nat Geo's best hotels 2024 in world

Shinta Mani Mustang listed among Nat Geo's best hotels 2024 in world

KATHMANDU, Feb 01:Shinta Mani Mustang (SMM) Resort, located in Mustang, Nepal, has been listed  one of the world's top hotels by National Geographic magazine. 

Shinta Mani Mustang  Resort, which opened just two years ago, is made of native stone and features ancient and traditional styles. According to nationalgeographic.com, it is the most popular destination for travelers from all over the world who wish to see the Himalayan region, monasteries, and local life.

Shinta Mani  has managed Moksha Resort in Jomsom, Mustang, for the past two years, and it has been listed one of the world's best and most preferred hotels for 2024.

Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa, Chairman of Yeti Group of Companies, expressed his happiness that, after Shintamani took over management of the resort, which was operated with a 1.10 billion rupee investment, it has become one of the top destinations in the world. 

There are 29 rooms in the hotel located in Jomsom, 2800 meters above sea level and by the Kaligandaki River. Staying in Shintamani requires a minimum booking of 5 days. Anyone wishing to stay at the hotel, whether Nepali or foreign, must make a reservation for at least 5 days.

You must pay 1800 USD every night to stay at the hotel. This package will accommodate two persons. This cost covers the hotel, wellness program, food, and beverages. 

This resort is on the finest list for trekking, local cuisine, and culture. There are centuries-old Buddhist monasteries here. National Geographic has highlighted dishes such as Himalayan Yak Momo and Tibetan Thukpa. 

In addition to hospitality, the hotel offers horseback riding, cycling, rock climbing, archery, hiking, trekking, yoga, and other activities.

The rooms of the hotel have been reconstructed according to the design of the American architect company Bensley.

This list includes three Asian hotels. Sintamani from Nepal is in first place.  This list also includes Kurulu Bay, Ahangama, Sri Lanka and the &BEYOND Punakha River Lodge in Bhutan.

National Geographic is an American monthly magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1888 AD. Its monthly circulation is 1.8 million copies.