Apr 20, 2024

Australian franchise restaurant 'The Muglan' opens in Bhaktapur

Australian franchise restaurant 'The Muglan'  opens in Bhaktapur

BHAKTAPUR, Jan 30:After Australia and Pokhara, The Muglan Restaurant has opened a branch in the tourist city of Bhaktapur.

A group of Nepali businessmen who have been managing restaurants in Australia for 14 years expanded their Pokhara branch six years ago and launched a new branch in Bhaktapur with international-level service. The 'Grand Opening' program has also been arranged for February 1st through 3rd. The Mughlan Hotel and Restaurant Bhaktapur branch is also gearing up for a three-day grand opening celebration.

The Muglan Restaurant has six locations, including one in Bhaktapur. It has four branches in Australia, including one in Pokhara.

During the expansion of the Bhaktapur branch, the management completed the necessary survey. The Muglan Restaurant Bhaktapur branch was opened since it was discovered that there is no Thakali restaurant in or near the Durbar Square area, there is a dearth of great food, and there is no restaurant operation with a live music concept.

According to Vijay Lama, Managing Director of the Bhaktapur Branch, The Mughlan Hotel & Restaurant is now operational and can serve more than 200 clients at once. Aside from the beer garden and rooftop bar, the restaurant also includes a separate conference space with seating for approximately 80 and 30 people, respectively. Similarly, 12 premium rooms are provided for stay.
The main feature of The Muglan Hotel & Restaurant Bhaktapur branch is the clean and high-quality food, as well as the tranquil atmosphere. As soon as the customer enters this restaurant in Bhaktapur's main area, the major area of the Durbar Square Gate, they will feel at ease and happy in a family environment. This eatery is situated in front of the district administrative building and police complex.

So far, 2 crore rupees have been spent on hotel and restaurant activities here. The directors anticipate that the investment will grow further.

The restaurant also stated that during the three-day grand opening campaign, customers who register using QR will receive a 10% discount on their bill.