May 26, 2024

IME Pay received HRM Nepal Corporate Excellence Award

IME Pay received HRM Nepal Corporate Excellence Award

KATHMANDU,:Nepal's first digital wallet, IME Pay, has received the  prestigious HRM Nepal Corporate Excellence Award. Under the award given by Corporate Club Nepal, it has been honored with the 'IME Pay Corporate Excellence Award from the fintech group.

According to Praveen Regmi, CEO of IME Pay, the award recognizes the company's commitment to fintech innovation, leading manpower management, easy customer service, financial inclusion, and literacy promotion. Corporate Club Nepal has been presenting prizes in various categories to Nepal's corporate sector, which have been evaluated by an independent panel.

Payment Service Provider IME offers electronic payment services through the IME Pay Mobile Wallet app, which is promoted by IME Digital Solutions.

IME Digital Solutions has been providing access to financial services to Nepalis who do not have access to banks, as well as the general public who have limited banking options. IME Pay has directly provided electronic payment services to over two million users via mobile wallet apps and agents.