May 24, 2024

TIA's customs screening area expanded

TIA's customs screening area expanded

KATHMANDU, Jan 06:The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has expanded its customs check area. 

According to TIA's general manager Pratap Babu Tiwari, widening of the congested area would surely make it easier for the passengers. 

"The customs check area at international terminal has been expanded when the narrowed space was causing inconvenience to the passengers", he said, adding, "The 'check-in area' of the entrance is also to be widened". 
The Airport office shared that the construction of wider arrival terminal with two separate belts has come to the final phase. 

Tiwari further shared that the task of expanding check-in area of international terminal building will be taken ahead. At least minimum equipment is being provided to carry out the operation by removing the obstruction on the runway by pulling the aircraft out of the runway of the airport in case the landing gearwheel of the aircraft is collapsed or damaged.

According to the airport, 'Disabled Air Cargo Recovery Kits' have been arranged at the international airport. 

Similarly, the expansion of the domestic vehicle parking area and access road has been completed. This will increase the parking capacity and provide free drop-only facility for those coming only to drop passengers without having to go to the parking lot.