Jun 20, 2024

Over 500,000 tourists visited Pokhara Street Festival

Over 500,000 tourists visited Pokhara Street Festival

POKHARA, Jan 05:The Pokhara Restaurant and Bar Association (REBAN), stated that over five lakh tourists attended the 25th Pokhara Street Festival for the English New Year.

According to Naresh Bhattarai, president of REBAN Pokhara, the five-day lakeside celebration drew a large number of domestic and foreign guests. He went on to say, "The arrival of the number of tourists that we have set as our target has given us more encouragement for next year's Pokhara street Festival."

According to Bhattarai, approximately three lakh tourists participated merely on the eve of the English New Year.

"Sadak mai khaoun, sadak mai ramaoun" (let’s eat on the streets and be merry on the streets) was the slogan of the five-day event hosted in an area of roughly three kilometers of Lakeside. The day began with a tableau performance. The cultural program of different castes, national and international cuisine, original costumes, duet song competition, tableau performance, night concert, boat race, better race, tug of war, and volleyball competition were the festival's primary attractions.

He stated that the celebration, which stretched from Fishtail Gate through Gaira's Chowtara to Jarawar Lakeside, was finished in a polite and grand manner in a tourism-friendly setting.