Apr 21, 2024

Deepu Jwarchan becomes first Nepali check pilot for A320

Deepu Jwarchan becomes first Nepali check pilot for A320

KATHMANDU, Jan 05:Nepal Airlines' senior captain Deepu Jwarchan is the first Nepali Designated Check Pilot (DCP) for an Airbus A320. Jwacharan is the first DCP to be certified as an A320 in Nepali aviation history. Jwarchan has been granted a Designated Check Pilot (DCP-A) license by the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN).

Jwarchan, a senior instructor pilot for Nepal Airlines Corporation, has become the first Nepali DCP of an Airbus A320, according to CAAN spokeswoman Jaganath Niraula.

Jwarchan can now provide training and conduct exams for pilots and co-pilots for the Airbus A320 aircraft. Prior to this, foreign pilots were in responsible for conducting pilot exams in Nepal, especially for Airbus.

Jwarchan has been a pilot with Nepal Airlines since 2007.  Jwarchan, who has been flying an Airbus A320 since 2015, received an instructor pilot in 2022.

In the meantime, he has served as the head of the department of operations and briefly as the NAC's acting general manager. 

Himalaya Airlines and Nepal Airlines are the current operators of Airbus A320s in Nepal.