Apr 20, 2024

Himalaya Airlines interested in operating international flights from Pokhara Int'l Airport

Himalaya Airlines interested in operating international flights from Pokhara Int'l Airport

POKHARA, Jan 04:Himalaya Airlines has expressed an interest in operating international flights from Pokhara. Zhou Enyong, Chairman of Himalaya Airlines, conveyed this intention to tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara on Tuesday.

This desire was conveyed during a meeting on Tuesday convened by the Pokhara Tourism Council between National Assembly Chairman Ganesh Prasad Timilsina, Himalaya Airlines Chairman Zhou Enyong, and Pokhara tourism merchants.

Zhou Enyong, Chairman of Himalaya Airlines, stated that the Chinese, Nepali, and Airlines should work together to establish international flights from Pokhara. He stated that because Himalayan Airlines does not have authority to fly domestically in Nepal, they will incur additional costs when traveling from Pokhara to Kathmandu. He stated that Himalayan Airlines is ready and willing to fly routinely from Pokhara to other locations, including China, if all parties support him.

He stated that 100 million Chinese visitors visit other countries each year, and that even if only 15 of them travel to Nepal, it would be 1 million, which is possible. He stated that Pokhara's natural beauty, trekking, paragliding, and other activities have drawn Chinese tourists. President Zhou advised that the Nepalese government encourage airlines to fly by offering reductions on different airport fees and facilitating labor, visas, and so on.

National Assembly Chairman Ganesh Prasad Timilsina stated at the time that he was attempting to establish regular flights from this airport. He stated that because he is not an executive, the responsible minister or prime minister should make diplomatic efforts for definitive action. 'The people of Gandaki province should exhibit all-around solidarity and activism, as they did during building,' he said, urging the government to take this problem seriously.

Pomnarayan Shrestha, chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, commended the National Assembly chairperson and Himalaya Airlines for their positive efforts. He stated that he is ready to take any initiative and effort on behalf of Pokhara and Gandaki province. Former Nepal Tourism Board members Basudev Tripathi and Tikaram Sapkota spoke, as did former Pokhara Tourism Council chairman Chiranjeevi Pokhrel, general secretary Sanjaykant Sigdel, vice chairman Krishna Bhandari, Naresh Bhattarai, Dharma Panthi, Krishna Acharya, Hareram Adhikari, and others. They requested that the government develop a policy and atmosphere conducive to regular international flights from Pokhara as soon as possible.

Except for charter flights, Pokhara International Airport was unable to operate international flights until one year after its opening. Because of this, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has to bear losses due to this. India has expressed no interest in flying to the airport constructed with Chinese assistance. The government has showed little interest in it.