Jul 14, 2024

Chandannath Tourism Board formed for promote Jumla

Chandannath Tourism Board formed for promote Jumla

JUMLA, Dec 06:The Chandannath Tourism Board has been formed in all 79 municipalities of Karnali to promote Jumla as a tourist destination. According to Navaraj Devkota, municipality spokesperson and Ward No. 4 ward president, an 11-member tourism board has been formed under the coordination of Chandannath Municipality Mayor Rajusingh Kathayat to promote Jumla in the tourism sector.

He states that the board will do public relations work to promote tourism in the district. Members of the board include Deputy Mayor Ramdevi Khadka, tourism businessman Norbu Lama, Saroj Shahi, Toran Kathayat, Ghanshyam Nagarkoti, and tourism-related offices. Devkota, a member of the municipality's environment expert, division forest office, social development office, and physical infrastructure office, provided the information.

In the current fiscal year, Chandannath has set aside 5 lakh rupees for tourism-related activities. According to Mayor Kathayat, the board was formed because tourism is the foundation for promoting Jumla.  There is little investment in the tourism sector. That is why Chandan Nath emphasized tourism promotion.

It has been emphasized that Jumla can prosper by promoting natural tourism, tourism, historical religious sites, and agro-tourism. According to locals, the tourism sector is Jumla's first base for mobilizing local products, resources, and manpower in order to reduce rising unemployment, improve livelihoods, and achieve economic prosperity.

Jumla is home to Sinja, Birat palace, Pandu gufa, Gidihi Daha, Tatopani Dhara, Guruphokto, the second largest stupa in Nepal, the famous Chandannath Bhairabnath Temple, and other historic tourist destinations.