Feb 23, 2024

National Life's agents Koshi Tappu tour concluded

National Life's agents Koshi Tappu tour concluded

KATHMANDU:The National Life Insurance Company has given its agents a visit to Koshi Tappu.

The agents who met the company's monthly target enthusiastically participated in various entertainment programs such as visiting Koshi Tappu and boating in Saptakoshi.

More than 600 senior agents from across the country, including the company's chief executive officer, state head, departmental head, and various branch heads, participated in the program after being selected for the scheme through excellent business performance.

On this occasion, an award program was organized under the chairmanship of Chief Executive Officer Suresh Prasad Khatri, and honors were also given to the agents who did the best business.

According to Chief Executive Officer Khatri, the company will always be strong because of the agents' tireless and hard work. He informed me that such programs are designed to invest as much as possible in professionalizing the agent network and to always prioritize the character development of the agents group, which plays an important role in propelling the company to the forefront.