Feb 23, 2024

IME Life Insurance provides training for employees in Tikapur

IME Life Insurance provides training for employees in Tikapur

KATHMANDU:IME Life Insurance Company Limited has provided insurance training in the provinces of Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim.

Employees working in the branch offices under the provincial office in that location have received training in the prevention of money laundering and financial investment in terrorist activities.

According to the company, the training completed on December 3 covered the legal structure of money laundering, definition, money laundering prevention policy, money laundering incidents, goals of money laundering, possible money laundering incidents in the Nepali life insurance sector, identification of records, and reporting through various methods.

Similarly, it is stated that detailed information has been provided on a variety of topics, including a single insurance fee, financial risk assessment, special attention to be paid to special transactions, risk classification, financial risk stage, the company's role, action, and punishment.

The training was held in the presence of department heads from IME Life Insurance Company's central office.