Feb 23, 2024

More than 9 lakh tourists entered in eleven months

More than 9 lakh tourists entered in eleven months

KATHMANDU, Dec 02:In 11 months of 2023, more than nine lakh foreign tourists visited Nepal.

According to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) statistics, 918,380 people visited Nepal from January to November.

In November alone, 1,00,860 foreign tourists visited Nepal.

More than 1,17,306 tourists visited Nepal October month.

According to the most recent figures on tourist arrivals, the government's target will be met this year. The government has set a goal of attracting one million foreign tourists by 2023.

The NTB's director, Maniraj Lamichhane, stated that meeting the target will be simple because tourist arrivals are steadily increasing.

"Over 9,18,000 tourists have come in eleven months," he said. The 10-lakh target is about to be reached.

The main sources of tourist arrivals, according to the board, are neighboring countries India, China, and the United States of America, as well as the United Kingdom, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

In November, India tourist made up 20% of total tourist arrivals.

During that time, 24,443 tourists arrived in Nepal via air from India.

11,461 from the United States, 7,601 from China, 6,138 from the UK, 5,600 from Australia, 3,761 from Thailand, 3,512 from Germany, 3,228 from Sri Lanka and 3,205 from France tourists have arrived in Nepal.