Feb 23, 2024

Bharatpur Metropolitan launch 'Visit Bharatpur 2024' campaign

Bharatpur Metropolitan launch 'Visit Bharatpur 2024' campaign

KATHMANDU, Nov 23:In collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board, the Bharatpur Metropolitan will launch the 'Visit Bharatpur-2024' campaign. To promote the visit year 2024, the Bharatpur metropolis hosted an interaction and press conference in Kathmandu.

During an interaction and press conference held at the Tourism Board on Wednesday to inform about the preparations for Visit Bharatpur 2024, Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, stated that this campaign will be conducted with the goal of attracting more domestic and foreign tourists.

Som Sapkota, Deputy Secretary General of the Non-Resident Nepali Association and Internationl  coordinator of visit Bharatpur 2024,emphasized the significance to utilize the Internet to coordinate with various national and international organizations in order to promote the tourist sector in Bharatpur and the country as a whole.He stated that the promotional campaign has been expanded to 54 countries in order to attract big tourist to Chitwan by 2024.

Sushila Sirpali Thakuri, Minister of State for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, stated that the city's initiative to encourage tourism by acknowledging natural beauty is historic. He stated that the ministry is working to overcome legal barriers to the protection and promotion of the tourism industry.

According to Chitrasen Adhikari, deputy mayor of Bharatpur metropolis, because the Bharatpur visit year would benefit not only Chitwan but also the country's tourism, support and collaboration from all parties is expected. The Deputy Chief Officer urged all parties to hold programs in Bharatpur because the metropolis has set a strategy of supporting national level government and non-governmental organization activities in Bharatpur by 2024.

It is said that the announcement will be made during a special ceremony in January of the year of the visit.