Jun 17, 2024

SOTTO Nepal promotes hiking tourism on World Tourism Day

SOTTO Nepal promotes hiking tourism on World Tourism Day

KATHMANDU, Sep 26: On the occasion of World Tourism Day, SOTTO Nepal participated in the promotion of hiking tourism. The Society of Travel and Tour Operators Nepal (SOTTO Nepal), the umbrella organization of travel professionals, led a trek via Sundari Jal, Mulkhark, and Dhap Dam to Nature Resort Haibung. The hike aimed to not only showcase the scenic beauty of the region but also highlight the potential for tourism in the area.

One of the highlights of the hike was the breathtaking view of the Himalayas from the Sundarijal damside. Bhuban Bahadur Pandey, President of SOTTO Nepal, emphasized the potential of this tourist attraction, stating, “The view of the Himalayas from the Sundarijal damside is really flourishing, together with the blessings of nature and truly a tourist attraction." He also emphasized the need for better transportation facilities to further enhance the tourist experience.

The hike, which drew 110 participants, provided an opportunity to explore the diversity within the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, located near Kathmandu city. Despite its natural beauty, this region often goes overlooked by tourists due to a lack of appropriate publicity. However, the walk allowed participants to experience the lively daily life of Kathmandu and appreciate the rich cultural and natural heritage of the area.

In addition to the hike, SOTTO Nepal also organized an interaction on the role of local level and corporate organizations in the development and marketing of the tourism industry. The engagement program, hosted in partnership with Melamchi Municipality, aimed to discuss strategies for promoting tourism and attracting investment in the region.

Aitaman Tamang, Chairman of Melamchi Municipality, called upon the union and state governments to enhance the budget for tourism development in the area. He highlighted the natural, cultural, and religious variety of Melamchi Municipality and urged businesspeople to increase investment to tap into the tourism potential of the region.

The participation in the hike and the interaction program brought together officials from Gokarneshwar Municipality, Melamchi Municipality, and various travel associations. This collective effort signals a commitment towards promoting and developing the tourism sector in Nepal.

While the hike successfully showcased the beauty of the Sundarijal damside and the potential of the region, it also highlighted the need for increased promotion and investment in order to fully leverage the tourism opportunities available. With the support of local communities, government bodies, and travel professionals, Nepal can continue to grow its tourism sector and reap the benefits it brings.