Jul 14, 2024

Nepal Tea Collective's Delightful Tea Tasting: A Subtle Sunday Experience

Nepal Tea Collective's Delightful Tea Tasting: A Subtle Sunday Experience

KATHMANDU, Sep 18:The Nepal Tea Collective organized a refreshing tea-tasting program at Kathmandu Guest House on Sunday. They also unveiled an innovative tea bar. This event not only celebrated their passion for tea but also showcased their incredible journey.

During the tea-tasting program, attendees gained insight into the orthodox tea-making process, including the careful selection of specific leaves for high-end teas. Expert tea makers demonstrated the art of crafting various teas. White and green teas, known for their delicate leaves and low oxidation, offer a light and refreshing taste, while oolong and black teas, with higher oxidation levels, provide bolder flavors.

Nepal Tea Collective has received recognition from a Starbucks tea development leader who expressed a particular fondness for a specific tea, the "Nepali Breakfast" tea, which now commands an extraordinary price of $100 for 100 grams, surpassing the typical price range of $12–$14 per 50 grams for tea.

Nepal Tea Collective offers various exquisite teas, such as the two standout white teas, "Silver Yeti" and "White Prakash," along with "Ganesha Green Tea," "Shangri-La Oolong Tea," and "Kumari Gold Black Tea,” among other specific blends and kombuchas.

The success of the "Nepali Breakfast" tea not only highlights its exceptional quality but also underscores the immense potential of the Nepali tea market. This success story is particularly significant as it directly contributes to increasing the income of local farmers, with an additional 1% of profits being returned to them.

At present, the company exports 15 tons of Nepali tea abroad annually. North America, Europe, and Australia are the major places where the company exports. In Nepal, the project is still in its beginning stages. Their website and the online store Daraz are phase one, which just started a month ago. The future holds exciting prospects, with phase two planned for approximately 6–7 months from now, focusing on B2B partnerships with selected cafes. Phase three aims to make the tea available in retail stores, and the Nepal Tea Collective is open to franchise partnerships.

The Nepal Tea Collective is on a mission to make Nepali tea a global symbol of tradition and quality. As a sign of innovation in Nepal, the company introduces the cold brew brewing technique, now featured at the newly launched tea bar. This bar ensures that teas are served at their optimal temperature and setting, enhancing the tea-tasting experience for a diverse range of tourists.

The Nepal Tea Collective also offers a unique subscription-based tea delivery service. This service sends packages of distinct tea flavors to customers regularly, allowing them to explore a diverse range of teas and providing tea makers with a platform for creative experimentation

Additionally, the Nepal Tea Collective offers an immersive tea and food tour, which includes visits to tea gardens, hands-on plucking and crafting of tea, sampling Nepali cuisines, and activities like making momos and selroti. The tour also encompasses visits to heritage sites and consultations with Vedic astrologers. Last year, this unique tour attracted 26 tourists at a cost of $3,300 per person. The growing interest abroad in the source of procured tea and an authentic experience underscores the Nepal Tea Collective's commitment to organic tea production.

The Nepal Tea Collective collaborates with farmers from various regions, including Ilam, Lalitpur, Solukhumbu, and a farmland near Kathmandu, to source herbs and expand their product range.

The Nepal Tea Collective is not only redefining the Nepali tea industry but also catering to the preferences of the millennial generation, which is increasingly seeking healthy and authentic teas. The specialization in herbal, botanical, and spice-infused teas aligns perfectly with the desires of this discerning demographic.