Apr 15, 2024

We will not compromise on customer privacy: NTC

We will not compromise on customer privacy: NTC

KATHMANDU:Nepal Telecom has stated that it will always protect its customers' privacy and will not tolerate any compromises to its security and privacy.

The telecom issued a statement on Tuesday requesting all customers to be assured of its service.

After the publication of the news expressing doubts about the security of the telecom service, the company has requested to be assured about its service.

Telecom has said that 'like other telecommunication service providers, the company provides details only after the order of the respected court in the process of any investigation by the authorized body of the state.'

Informing the company that we are very sensitive to maintaining the confidentiality of the customer by making the company's services very reliable and secure, the company has also requested the customer to use the service confidently.