Jun 21, 2024

Lumbini Cable Car to officially inaugurate on Thursday

Lumbini Cable Car to officially inaugurate on Thursday

KATHMANDU, June 07:On Thursday, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' will officially inaugurate the Lumbini cable car.

Lumbini Cable Car, built with IME Group financing, is going to be officially opened.

The Lumbini cable car will take you to a religious and tourist attraction full of constructions such as Bhagwati Temple, Ganesha Temple, Mount Kailash, Bar Peepal, Dhunge Dhara, ponds, and so on.

Previously, on May 15th, the idol of Kamakhya Devi was installed in the Kamakhya temple and devotion began.

During the week-long devotional event, Guhawati and 11 Nepalese gurus delivered religious sermons. The Kamakhya temple at Basantpur is designed in the style and art of the Guhavati temple in India.

According to religious guru Kishore Gautam, a visit to the Kamakhya temple will satisfy one's wishes and release one from earthly shackles.

For the daily operation of the cable car, a tripartite agreement has been negotiated with Butwal sub-metropolitan city and Tinau rural municipality.

Lumbini Cable Car will split 2% of each ticket's fee between the two municipalities. The first cable car in Lumbini province runs 3 kilometers from Golpark Bamghat in Butwal to Tinau rural municipality-3 Basantpur in Palpa.

This is the third cable car to be launched by IME Group. Earlier, IME Group has already commissioned Maulakalika cable car at Chandragiri in Kathmandu and recently at Gaidakot in Nawalpur.

According to Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Chairman of Lumbini Cable Car Pvt Ltd, the operation of Lumbini Cable Car has added a new religious and tourist destination to Basantpur.

He stated that investments in the cable car were undertaken with the intention of luring Indians from other places in India, including Gorakhpur and Lucknow.

The project's entire cost, including the cable car and resort, is 5 billion rupees. The cable car received a one and a half billion investment in the first phase. At the top station, vegan and non-veg restaurants have been built separately for tourists, while hotels, children's gardens, skywalks, and Zip lines are being built.

The cable car, which includes 25 gondolas of mono cable detachable system, is believed to be capable of transporting 6,000 passengers each day.