Jul 14, 2024

Sky cycling launched in Bharat Lake

Sky cycling launched in Bharat Lake

SARLAHI, June 04 : Sky cycling has been launched over the Bagmati fish pond (Bharat Lake) that is under-construction at Bagmati Municipality-4 and 12 in Sarlahi district.    

The adventure sport, the first of its kind in Madhes Province, has been already successfully tested, said the municipality mayor Bharat Kumar Thapa. Sky cycling, which is lately becoming a main attraction for tourists, is expected to boost tourism activities in the area, said the municipality deputy mayor Lila Kumari Moktan.    

The 213-feet-long cycling is operated on ropes suspended in the air at an elevation of 37 feet above the lake. Three people can ride bicycles on the ropes at once. The bicycles are tied to safety ropes with attached handles adjusted on the ropes.    

The project cost Rs 8.5 million, said the municipality chief administrative officer Bimal Kumar Pokhrel.    

Similarly, three dozen motor boats and a mini cruise boat are in operation in the lake. Structures are under construction in the premises of the lake to operate other adventure sports, said the municipality.