Jul 14, 2024

Pokhara High Court orders ban on dozers within Phewa Lake Boundaries

Pokhara High Court orders ban on dozers within Phewa Lake Boundaries

POKHARA, June 03:The Pokhara High Court has issued an interim order prohibiting the Pokhara metropolis city it not to use a dozer around the four boundaries of Phewa Lake.

Advocate Manoj Gharti Magar petitioned the High Court to restrain the encroachment on the Phewa Lake region.

The Pokhara metropolis permitted the wetlands to be restored by included the wetlands in the residential area while classifying the land.

The court's order states that the Phewa Lake wetland area should be left in its current state and that no development work should be done.

Separate orders were issued by a single bench of Pokhara High Court Judge Dilli Raj Acharya to the Gandaki State Government, Lake Authority, and Pokhara Metropolis.

Pokhara Metropolis has been asked to take action by seizing dozers and tippers that have invaded the wetland region, which has been designated as a construction ban zone.

The court also directed the Chief Minister's office and the body of Ministers to organize an Environmental Protection and Climate Change Council in accordance with the state government's Environmental Protection Act and to make the body operational.

The court also directed the Gandaki Ministry of Forest and Environment to organize a monitoring committee and perform ongoing monitoring.

The Pokhara Metropolitan Council has requested an immediate report on the current state of Phewa Lake and Wetlands.

 It is stated that the response should be submitted within 15 days after receiving the letter from the court, and that priority should be given to the hearing of this matter.

Senior advocate Surendra Thapa Magar, writ petitioner advocate Manoj Gharti Magar, advocate Racchu Ale, and Milan Ale argued on behalf of the Phewa Lake and wetlands writ petition.

Senior advocate Surendra Thapa Magar stated that with the High Court's judgment, the encroachment and repair of Phewa Lake's wetlands should be halted immediately.

"From the standpoint of biological diversity, this interim order for the protection of wetlands is historic," he said, adding that "this order will prove to be a milestone in protecting wetlands in terms of the judicial code."