May 21, 2024

Lalitpur metropolis making smart toilets for tourists in Patan Durbar area

Lalitpur metropolis making smart toilets for tourists in Patan Durbar area

KATHMANDU, June 02:The Lalitpur Metropolitan City has begun construction  smart toilets for tourists in the Patan Durbar area.

On Wednesday, Chiribabu Maharjan,Mayor  of Lalitpur Metropolitan City laid the foundation stone for the toilet. The restroom will also have a breastfeeding room, according to Shreekumar Maharjan, Head of Infrastructure Division and Senior Engineer of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

He stated that the toilet would be created in an ancient style and that "we will keep a breastfeeding room in one corner of the toilet."

According to Maharjan, the Metropolitan's restrooms will be accessible to the disabled and senior residents, and the building will be done in six months.

According to Mayor  Chiribabu Maharjan, the initiative to create smart toilets in each ward of the Metropolitan has moved forward.

He stated that tenders had been issued for the construction of nine smart public restrooms. He stated that construction will continue in the remaining wards.

The toilet will cover an area of 1,066 square feet. Three male toilets and six female toilets with six urinals will be built.

Similarly, he stated that a disabled-friendly restroom would be built. The city says that this is the first toilet built just for tourists.

The construction of toilets has been handed to PP&P Shrijansheel JV.

According to Mayor  Maharjan, the present toilets in the Patan Durbar area will be removed following this construction.