May 21, 2024

Discussion between tour operators of Nepal and Egypt

Discussion between tour operators of Nepal and Egypt

KATHMANDU, May 28:Discussions have been held between the travel and tour operators of both countries with the aim of enhancing mutual cooperation in the field of tourism between Nepal and Egypt.

Suresh Adhikari, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, participating in the discussion held on Thursday through virtual means, said that the government is determined to provide necessary support for the development of bilateral tourism. In the program, General Manager of Egypt Tourism Authority Ahmed Ali said that the authority is willing to welcome Nepali travel agencies on an informative tour.

Sushil Kumar Lamsal, the Nepali Ambassador to Egypt, said that since Nepal and Egypt are countries with ancient civilizations adorned with cultural and natural splendor, there is a lot of potential for partnership in the tourism sector between the two countries. In that discussion, he mentioned that since the private sector plays an important role in the development of tourism, the event was organized with the aim of providing a platform for continuous dialogue and cooperation between the travel and tour operators of both countries.

On that occasion, Senior Manager of Nepal Tourism Board Sunil Sharma and General Secretary of Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents Kumarmani Thaplia presented separate presentations about Nepal's tourism heritage and Nepal-Egypt tourism potential.

In the Nepal tourism promotion program organized in Egypt, there is a significant participation of the citizens there. Last week, at an international cultural festival held in a university in Egypt, hundreds of students studying in that university visited the Nepali Embassy hall and got information about the traditional art, culture and natural diversity of Nepal and observed the various items on display with interest. It has been observed that many Egyptian youth are attracted to Khukuri and Singing Bowl in particular. It has been found that many participants are willing to learn about the history and use of Khukuri and to have an interview with the spiritual heritage of Nepal by observing and practicing the singing bowl.

Raju Chalise, who has been working as a chef in Cairo for three years, says that he is happy to see the goodwill shown by Egyptian citizens towards Nepali art and culture and that they are attracted to Nepal's natural heritage. He said that Egyptian citizens who have returned from visiting Nepal have been impressed by Nepal's beautiful natural colors as well as original Nepali food.