Jul 14, 2024

NTC says that job opening information misleading

NTC  says that job opening information misleading

KATHMANDU:Nepal Telecom has asked that people not be misled by the misleading information that has been spreading regarding 'vacancies' in several Nepal Telecom branches in recent days.

This was announced by Nepal Telecom in a statement on Wednesday.

'A few days ago, the company received serious attention regarding the spread of false information through various Facebook groups, messengers, and WhatsApp, including the names of the company's officers, that vacancies have been opened to work in various branches of Nepal Telecom,' according to the statement.

Furthermore, the company stated that information about job openings will only be publicly published in the Gorkhapatra and on the company's website.

Nepal Telecom has also recommended that only official information be accepted without being confused by this type of incorrect information.