Jun 17, 2024

325 climbers on summit of Everest

325 climbers on summit of Everest

KATHMANDU, May 20:During the spring season, more than 325 climbers have reached the peak of Mount Everest. 478 climbers from 65 nations were granted permission to climb Mount Everest this year, which began on Saturday.

Climbers are continuing to ascend Mount Everest through various agencies, according to the Department of Tourism, since the opening of the climbing route. According to Yuvraj Khatiwada, the department's director, more than 325 people have completed the ascent as of late Thursday, but specific figures are not yet available.

"In the last week, a significant number of climbers have reached the summit, which started one week later than last year," he said. Director Khatiwada stated that the weather has been cooperative thus far, and that as the weather improves, the rest of the climbers would proceed to the summit. He told me that climbing has been good on most of the other mountains that have been opened for climbing this year.

More than 175 climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest on Wednesday. Earlier, on June 9, 2076, 354 individuals climbed Mt. Seven climbers died this season while ascending Mount Everest, according to director Khatiwada.

According to the department, 1,176 persons from 80 nations have applied for authorization to climb 28 summits this season, including Everest. This time, the government collected 765.7 million rupees in revenue from climbing licenses.