Sep 24, 2023

Moona Rijal crowned winner of Miss Heritage Global Nepal 2023 to represent Nepal at South Africa

Moona Rijal crowned winner of Miss Heritage Global Nepal 2023 to represent Nepal at South Africa

KATHMANDU, May 19: The prestigious Miss Heritage Global Nepal 2023 beauty pageant concluded with great enthusiasm and excitement as Moona (Yamuna) Rijal emerged as the deserving winner. Hailing from Bharatpur Chitwan, Moona showcased exceptional grace, beauty, and intelligence throughout the competition, earning her the esteemed title.

Moona Rijal, a 27-year-old dynamic individual, embarked on her journey to success in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, where she pursued higher education. Graduating from Rajiv Gandhi University, she honed her skills and developed a strong foundation for her future endeavors.
With an impressive background in event organization and disc jockeying, Moona has proven herself to be a multi-talented individual. She also had a successful stint as a model during her early 20s, gaining valuable experience in the fashion industry.

Moona's love for travel and adventure has taken her across various countries, igniting her passion for exploring new cultures and traditions. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her fervor for music have been driving forces in her life, shaping her aspirations and motivating her to pursue her dreams.

In addition to her remarkable achievements, Moona Rijal aspires to become a successful entrepreneur, using her skills and experiences to create a positive impact in society. Her dedication, determination, and vision make her a role model for young individuals aspiring to make a difference.

The national director for Miss Heritage Global Nepal, Mr. Uddhab Adhikari, also the franchise owner for Miss Universe Nepal, expressed his utmost delight in Moona Rijal's victory. He commended her for her exceptional performance and mentioned that she truly embodies the essence of Miss Heritage Global Nepal. Mr. Adhikari has high hopes for Moona's future, believing that she will bring honor and pride to the nation as she represents Nepal on the global stage.

Moona Rijal's crowning moment at Miss Heritage Global Nepal 2023 comes with the opportunity to represent Nepal at the prestigious international grand finale, scheduled to take place in South Africa on September 23, 2023. She will join talented contestants from around the world, showcasing the cultural heritage and beauty of Nepal.

The Miss Heritage Global Nepal organization congratulates Moona Rijal on her remarkable achievement and wishes her the very best for her journey ahead. With her grace, intelligence, and determination, we are confident that she will make Nepal proud on the global platform.

Miss Heritage Global Nepal is a prestigious beauty pageant that celebrates the cultural diversity and heritage of Nepal. The pageant aims to empower young women by providing them with a platform to showcase their talent, intelligence, and beauty. Through various events and initiatives, Miss Heritage Global Nepal promotes the values of cultural preservation, social responsibility, and women's empowerment.