Jun 21, 2024

Dhakal said that cooperation with government required to enhance investment in Khaptad

Dhakal said that cooperation with government required to enhance investment in Khaptad

KATHMANDU, May 18:Chandra Prasad Dhakal, President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI), has stated that cooperation with the government is required to enhance investment in Khaptad. According to him, the government's cooperation is required to invest in Khaptad, a popular tourist destination in the Far West, through a public-private partnership.

President Dhakal told a group of federal parliamentarians and state assembly members who had come to work with the federation on Khaptad tourism infrastructure construction and tourism promotion, "Environmental assessment and land acquisition for tourism infrastructure construction are very difficult, so the government should facilitate these issues."

He also stated that if the government facilitates this time's budget, investments can be done quickly. President Dhakal, who led the construction of cable cars in all seven provinces, was also asked to construct cable cars in Khaptad.

The team has also invited President Dhakal and Maha Sangh members to participate in the promotion program, which will be held on June 6, 7, and 8.

  During the meeting, National Assembly member Garima Shah stated that because Khaptad will attract domestic tourists, particularly Indians, the private sector will benefit. Sher Bahadur Khadka, chairman of the Khaptad Region Tourism Development Management Committee, believes that the suggested program will aid in promotion.

The meeting is attended by Shah, Khadka, state assembly members Dirgha Sodari and Deepak Singh Oli, Nepali Congress leader Gobinda Bahadur Shah, and management committee member Hark Bahadur Singh. Surkrishna Vaidya, vice president of Maha Sangh, and treasurer Nirak KC also attended.