May 21, 2024

Helambu tourism industry back on track

Helambu tourism industry back on track

KATHMANDU, May 18:The tourism sector of Helambu, which was relaxed due to the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015 and the subsequent covid pandemic, has started to return to its normalcy.

The reconstruction of the earthquake damage is nearly complete. There is no longer any concern about a corona pandemic. The tourist arrival in this area has increased due to the customs/costumes, lifestyle, art culture of the Hyolmo, Sherpa, Tamang tribes including the under construction Great Trail, mountain scenery.  Domestic and foreign tourists have begun to visit Helambu, which includes Ama Yangri, Melamchigyang, Tarkegyang, Shermathang, Kakani, Kutumsang, and Ghoptogyang.

The identity of Helambu has altered with the construction of the Great Trail of Helambu, which is 60 kilometers long and resembles the Great Wall of China. The number of visitors to the Great Trail is growing. The Helambu Rural Municipality has established a target of attracting 1 million tourists to the Great Trail each year.

The chairman of the Helambu rural municipality, Nimagyalzen Sherpa, stated that 9 crore rupees had been invested in the development of the Great Trail, and that the budget will be granted by the central and Bagmati province governments. The Great Trail is being built and will connect Pakidanda, Gosaikunda, Bhimathang, Dhukpu, Ama Yangri, Shermathang, and Buddha Park. From the Great Trail, you may observe the Himalayan range, the Lekali village, dozens of monasteries and religious sites, and natural scenery.

The Great Trail, which rises from 2,400 to 5,000 meters above sea level, takes nine days to complete. The art and culture of the Hyolmo, Tamang, and Sherpa groups may be seen throughout this time period. This trail provides views of 80 percent of the mountains in the central and eastern areas. On the trek, the peak of Everest may be seen from Pakidanda. In Trail, Gosaikunda is one kilometer away from Shermathang. So far, three kilometers of the Great Trail have been built. It is predicted that four billion rupees would be needed to finish the trail's construction. Chairman Sherpa stated that the remainder of the money should be provided by the national government and the Bagmati province administration.

Helambu rural municipality has stated that it cannot invest more than 1 crore rupees annually for the construction of the Great Trail. It has been said that the money for education, health and roads cannot be put in the trail. "If the federal government had allocated 500 million rupees annually as a multi-year project, the construction of the trail would have been completed quickly," Chairman Sherpa stated. He stated that he is demanding this from the federal government. Sherpa contends that the Great Tail is important not only for Helambu but also for the country as a whole, and that if the project is completed on schedule, the country will develop.

Helambu Rural Municipality is located in the heart of Yangri, beside the stunning Jugal Himal. Jorpati is 55 kilometers from Kathmandu through Sankhu and 50 kilometers via Sundarijal. Due to unpaved roads, it takes four hours to drive from Jorpati and Sundarijal to Great Tail. The Great Tail of Helambu is two and a half hours away from the capital if the road is tarred. Foreign tourists were formerly a significant presence in Helambu. Foreign tourists used to walk from the capital to Helambu through Sankhu and Sundarijal.