May 21, 2024

Narayani river bank being constructed in 'river beach' style

Narayani river bank being constructed in 'river beach' style

BHARATPUR, May 18:The river bank is being created using the "Sea Beach" model, with an embankment, starting from the Narayani River bridge in Ward No. 1 of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City. The 640 meter long embankment project has finished construction.

At a cost of 159.2 million rupees, Narayani River Management Project Chitwan built the embankment known as "River Beach" on the initiative of Bharatpur Metropolitan City in order to manage the banks of the Narayani river and avoid erosion.

With a target completion date of the end of this June, 85% of the embankment work has already been finished. Dynamic Construction Pvt is constructing the embankment.

After the 'River Beach' embankment is built, the Narayani river bank will appear lovely and be developed as a tourist destination.

On the banks of the Narayani river, a large group of domestic visitors has recently gathered. A similar number of people are enjoying motorboats in the Narayani River from that location. As the "Sea Beach" model embankment is built, it is anticipated that the number of tourists will rise even more.