Jul 14, 2024

NMCO organized "Mini Nepal" to celebrate the new year in Malta

NMCO organized "Mini Nepal" to celebrate the new year in Malta

KATHMANDU, April 19:The Nepal Malta Charity Organization(NMCO) organized a program to display Mini Nepal in Malta on the occasion of Nepali New Year 2080 B.S.. They received support from the Nepali Embassy in London, the Nepal Tourism Board, and the Coast is clear Foundation. 

The program aimed to promote tourism in Nepal by displaying its diversity in race, language, culture, etc. It was attended by around 2,500-3,000 Nepali and foreign audiences. All Nepali organizations in Malta participated in the program. From NMCO coordinator Prakash Bhandari, and various sub-coordinators such as Rem Lal Khalnal, Sharmila Basnet, etc. 

The program began with a march pass and included mourning ceremonies along with celebratory activities. The guests were adorned with Tika and Dhaka topi showing the hospitality of Nepal. 

The opposition leader of Malta, Bernard Grech, was the main guest and he was overjoyed about being able to experience Nepalese culture of Tika, Dhaka topi and khukuri. Marco Carmona, the first Maltese to climb Mt. Everest, also displayed the materials he used to climb the mountain. 

The joint directors of the program Sandesh KC and Rina karki commented that this event was able to commemorate Nepal as the birthplace of Buddha, land of Sagarmatha, nation of the brave Gorkha and the child of nature. They also announced the opening of a Nepalese park.