May 21, 2024

35,000 tourists came to Bandipur over new year

35,000 tourists came to Bandipur over new year

KATHMANDU, April 19:On New Year's Day, 35,000 tourists came to Bandipur.

Kisan Pradhan, Chairman of the Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, stated that hotels in Bandipur were fully booked for the first time since Covid.

According to him, this is the greatest number since Covid.Many programs were organized in Bandipur during the New Year. 'The hotel also offered a package,' he explained, adding that 'we managed to bring in tourists as intended.'

He stated that more than 15 tourism-related programs were held in Bandipur from April 13th to 14th (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). According to him, cultural and unique activities such as Lakhe Naach, Tiger Jatra, Butterfly Tray, Biscuit Yatra, Chudka, Ghatu, and others were held in various locations across Bandipur.

To attract guests, hotels have also developed their own package offerings. The first visitor to arrive at the Bandipur hotel on the first day of the new year was allowed to stay for one rupee.

According to Pradhan, the committee's chairman, tourist arrivals have grown this year as a result of these varied schemes.