Oct 03, 2023

Tourism route to promote religious tourism in Banke

Tourism route to promote religious tourism in Banke

NEPALGUNJ, April 19: A tourism route concept has been developed with the goal of promoting and protecting Banke's religious tourism sector. The notion of creating a tourism trail that includes historical sites and tourist attractions in the neighborhood has been devised.

Surya Dhakal, a member of the Banke Region No. 1 House of Representatives, stated that a tourism route has been planned to connect historical temples and religious locations in rural areas to the Bageshwari Temple in Nepalgunj and Parijat Bagan in the hamlet of Baijnath.

The tourist route will take visitors from Shiv Mandir in Raptisonari Rural Municipality-1, Bhuvarbhawani Temple in Ward No. 3 Baijapur, Barfani Baba in Ward No. 4, Pokharamata Temple in Ward No. 7 Fattepur, and Santhaneshwar Mahadev Temple in Narainapur to Bageshwari Temple in Nepalganj, according to him.

According to Dhakal, a route has been established to reach Parijat Bagan in Gabbar via Kalika temple, Ramjanaki temple in Kohalpur, and Mansarovar Prateeksthal in Baijnath Rural Municipality. The Madan Bhandari Religious Tourism Road Protection and Promotion Committee has been constituted to oversee the road's construction.

The committee's chairman, Khilraj Bhusal, stated that the work has begun by developing a plan for the creation of a tourism route with the goal of promoting and conserving the district's historical monasteries and religious sites. "Some of the historic monasteries have fallen into disrepair due to a lack of publicity, and district residents are unaware of the religious tourist places," he explained, adding that "after the construction of the tourist route, the protection of such religious places will also help in the promotion of tourism."

According to Krishna Prasad Shrestha, Coordinator of the District Tourism Promotion Committee, when a tourist route is constructed and promoted, multiple holy sites can be visited simultaneously.

According to Krishna Choudhary, president of Gaver Valley Community Homestay, the religious tourism route will bring internal city religious tourists to the villages while also providing an opportunity to study the lifestyle. He anticipated that the route will connect Gaver's Parijat Bagan and aid in the city's general development.

Every day, common people in Banke visit religious sites like as Santhaneshwar, Bawa Barfani, Bhuwar Bhawani, and others, while the Bageshwari temple in Nepalgunj is crowded with devotees on Mondays.