Jul 15, 2024

Tokha to get 35-foot-tall Buddha statue

Tokha to get 35-foot-tall Buddha statue

KATHMANDU, April 19:Tokha, Kathmandu, will see the construction of a 35-foot-tall Buddha statue.

Tokha municipality plans to construct a 35-foot-tall Buddha statue in Jhor Mahankal. Tokha municipality's head, Prakash Adhikari, has announced that a 35-foot-tall Buddha statue will be built at a cost of 82 lakh rupees.

Tokha Municipality established the Jhor Mahankal Buddha statue building Consumer Committee, chaired by Mr. Bahadur Tamang, to oversee the statue's building.

Although the erection of the statue began two years ago, Ramesh Kumar Lamichhane, the ward chairman of Tokha-1, stated that it only began this year. According to the municipality, the Buddha statue can be completed within a year.

The Buddha statue will be built in an area of 2 ropani of the 61 ropani public land located in Tokha municipality-1, alongside Jhor Mahanakal Devi. Ward president Lamichhane stated that, in addition to the installation of the Buddha statue, efforts will be made to promote domestic and foreign tourism in the area.