Jul 14, 2024

90 percent occupancy in Pokhara hotels

90 percent occupancy in Pokhara hotels

POKHARA, April 18: With the beginning of New Year 2080, hotels in Pokhara are almost filled with tourists.

The occupancy of the hotels in Pokhara and its surrounding is more than 90 per cent which has added excitement to tourism entrepreneurs, said President of Hotel Association Pokhara, Laxman Subedi.

The tourism, which was hit hard due to coronavirus pandemic, was adversely affected after Yeti Airlines plane crash on January 15. Saying around 1,200 big and small hotels are in operation in Pokhara and its surroundings, Subedi said they are excited with the increasing inflow of tourists with the beginning of New Year.

He added, “Cent percent hotels operated in Lakeside are filled with tourists. Not only Lakeside, the occupancy of hotels in Pokhara and its surroundings is more than 90 per cent.”

Proprietor of Hotel Asia, Dharma Raj Panthi mentioned that it was difficult to get room in hotels in Lakeside area on April 13 and 14 due to large number of tourists.

Tourism entrepreneurs opined that number of domestic tourists is increasing in Pokhara every year due to Fewa New Year Festival organised targeting the New Year.