Jul 13, 2024

Fewa Festival turning to be a brand product for Pokhara

Fewa Festival turning to be a brand product for Pokhara

POKHARA, March 24: The Fewa Festival is going to  kick off on 12th April this year and continues on the 13th, 14th April in Pokhara.

The festival is going to be held on 12th, 13th, 14th April on the road from Ammat to Hallanchowk located on the lakeside of Pokhara. Laxman Subedi, president of the association informed that the work has been progressed by appointing an area coordinator to cover hotels under various streets of Lakeside. Subedi, who is also the coordinator of the festival, said that the meeting with the advisor completed the task of appointing sub-committee coordinators and area coordinators.

Speaking at the program, Subedi said that now hotels should have 80 to 90 percent occupancy, but it is difficult for hotels to bear the operating expenses when the occupancy is only 15 to 20 percent during the tourist season. He reminded that due to the plane crash of Yeti Air which happened in Pokhara on January 1 last year, there was a negative impact on tourism.

In the event, Mr Bharat Raj Parajuli, a central member of the Hotel Association of Nepal and former president of the association, said that the main purpose of the festival is to promote tourism and preserve culture. Stating that the Yeti ship accident had a negative impact on tourism, he said that it was a sad aspect that the hotel occupancy was 20 percent during the season.

Deepak Shrestha, the first vice president of the association and deputy organizer of the festival, general secretary Rajendra Dhakal and former president Bikal Tulachan also spoke at the event.