Jun 17, 2024

Agreement between Sipradi and Nabil Bank

Agreement between Sipradi and Nabil Bank

KATHMANDU: Nabil Bank will make loans available to those who purchase Tata Motors' electric taxi Express T in the Nepali market. On Sunday, an agreement was signed between Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd and Nabil Bank for this purpose.

Sipradi will invest up to 80% of the credit for those who purchase Tata Motors' premium EV fleet service (Express T electric taxi). The Express T electric sedan taxi, according to the company, is suitable for a luxurious and comfortable journey.

Individuals and organizations interested in purchasing Tata Express T electric taxis will be able to obtain loans from any Nabil Bank branch in an easy and simple manner, according to the agreement between Sipradi and Nabil. The interest rate on the loan, which is available for up to seven years, will be 14.1 percent. Similarly, the bank can invest up to 80% of the vehicle's value.

According to Sipradi, those interested in purchasing an Express T electric taxi can do so right now. The company also stated that driving an electric taxi allows you to easily pay EMIs and earn a good income.

Tata Motors and Sipradi are making significant contributions to the development of electric taxis and electric cars for the Nepali market.

Sipradi has expanded the country's largest network of electric vehicle service centers. Similarly, with the introduction of the Express T electric taxi, Sipradi established a separate service center for this model.