Jun 17, 2024

NMB Bank announces new home loan scheme

NMB Bank announces new home loan scheme

KATHMANDU: NMB Bank has announced a new home loan with a 15-year fixed interest rate of 11.99 percent.

According to the bank, this new loan will assist homeowners with stable monthly loan repayments as well as individuals' long-term financial planning.

The bank believes that the scheme will contribute to long-term low and predictable interest rates.

With this loan, new customers can be confident that their monthly payments will remain consistent throughout the term of the loan, regardless of market fluctuations or changes in interest rates.

"Buying a home is a big investment for an individual and a family, and we understand the importance of stability in terms of managing monthly payments," said Sunil KC, the bank's CEO.

Currently, the bank offers banking services through 201 branches, 138 ATMs, and 11 extension counters across the country.