Apr 13, 2024

IME and Unimoni starts Win Big Campaign

IME and Unimoni starts Win Big Campaign

KATHMANDU: IME Group subsidiaries IME Limited and IME Digital Solutions Limited has agreed to be the promotion partner for Unimoni’s "Send Money Online and Win Big" campaign.

Customers must send money through the Unimoni Qatar Mobile app or Unimoni's online portal www.unimoni.qa to participate in the campaign, where 10 (ten) lucky winners will receive an iPhone 14 Pro, 5 (five) winners will receive a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Mobile, and 30 (thirty) customers will receive 100 gm of gold (collective of 2gm x 18, 4gm x 8 and 8gm x 4).

The campaign period will be applicable for a total of 62 days starting from 15 March 2023 to 15 May 2023 (01 Chaitra, 2079 to 01 Jestha 2080). Winners of which will be chosen and disseminated electronically.