Apr 13, 2024

Mayor Shah's proposal to promote Kathmandu's heritage construction style in China

Mayor Shah's proposal to promote Kathmandu's heritage construction style in China

China's ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song, had a courtesy meeting with Balendra Shah, head of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

During the meeting held in the office of the head of the metropolis, Shah, the matter of mutual cooperation and sustainable relations was discussed, the metropolis said.

On that occasion, Chief Shah said that he wanted to promote the construction style of Kathmandu's properties in Chinese cities.

Kathmandu has a sister relationship with 7 cities in China. Citizens should be able to feel that relationship. For this, we want to build the structure of the monastery and the original building in the city," Shah said, "The festivals celebrated by the citizens of both countries can be the same. Clothing and food can be the same. This relationship can be promoted at the civil level.

He emphasized on the benefits of fundamental mutual relations at the civil level.

During the meeting, Ambassador Song said that he wants to see Nepal become strong and prosperous. He emphasized on the need to increase mutual cooperation for this.

The use of advanced technology should be increased for the prosperity and convenience of Kathmandu. Urban transportation should be made easy and environment friendly. Our experience and learning may be useful in this," said Ambassador Song.

According to the metropolis, the topics of urban management including the use of electric vehicles, charging stations required for the operation of electric vehicles were discussed in the conversation.

On the occasion of the meeting, Chief's Management Advisor Kumar Ben (Cook), Secretariat Chief Nurnidhi Neupane, International Relations Secretariat Chief Sudarshan Bhattarai and other officials participated.