Jun 21, 2024

4G service expansion to tourist destinations

4G service expansion to tourist destinations

KATHMANDU:Nepal Telecom has expanded 3G and 4G services to religious and tourist destinations in the Dhaulagiri region. This service, which has been extended to religious and tourist sites in Baglung, Myagdi, Mustang, and Parbat, has made it easier for local and foreign tourists to visit the tourist areas. According to Keshav Sharma, head of Nepal Telecom Baglung branch, arrangements have been made to allow easy Internet access from places where 10 to 15 houses are slums, trekking routes, highways, and areas of public importance.

"After this arrangement, many people in the village felt more secure," he said, "especially Myagdi and Mustang consumers who felt more relief in the search, rescue, delivery, service, and safety of tourists after the accident."

The 4G tower on Bagar hill has aided tourists visiting Dhaulagiri base camp. Telephone, mobile, and internet service has now been restored in the northern part of Gurjaghat and Dhorpatan. "There was no phone in the village, so you had to go to the hill to talk on a mobile phone," Chitra Tilija of Dhaulagiri-4 Bagar explained. "We can now use the internet at home." Internet access has also been extended to Muktinath, Lomanthang, Thorangla Bhagyang, Patihalne on the Rukum border, Niseldhor, and other locations.

Telecom has already extended 4G service to higher settlements in Mustang, including Lomanthang, Korla Naka, and Charang. Telecom has expanded its service as a result of the large number of foreign and domestic tourists who have begun visiting those locations. Baglung has 62 2G towers, 57 3G towers, and 54 4G towers.

In Myagdi, 22 2G, 21 3G, and 14 4G services have been expanded. In Mustang, service is provided by 31 2G, 26 3G, and 24 4G towers. The service has been expanded in Parbat with 28 2G, 21 3G, and 26 4G towers, according to the Baglung Nepal Telecom branch.