Jun 20, 2024

Govt dedicated to development of tourism sector

Govt dedicated to development of tourism sector

NEPALGUNJ, March 04: Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati has said that the government is dedicated to the development of the tourism sector.

Minister Kirati stated that the government is going forward in a planned manner since the growth of the tourist industry is essential for the prosperity and economic development of the nation during a news conference hosted by Press Center Nepal Banke at Nepalgunj Airport.

He said: "The government has prioritized the construction and upgrading of all airports in the country for the expansion of air transport. Orders have been issued to all those concerned to tighten technical checks and changes for air safety."

Minister Kirati stated that the relevant department heads have been given 100 days to improve the Nepal airlines Corporation (NAC), civil aviation authority of Nepal (CAAN) and the tourism development sector and asserted that by making the NAC capable and strong, flights will be expanded to more airports throughout the nation.