May 21, 2024

Dordi rural municipality opened three trekking route in Dordi

Dordi rural municipality opened three trekking route in Dordi

KATHMANDU, March 03: Lamjung's Dordi rural municipality has opened a trekking route targeting tourists.

Dordi rural municipalit Chairman Yuvaraj Adhikari said that there is a trekking route that can be walked in a beautiful environment while looking at the natural resources.

In recent times, the interest of domestic tourists in trekking is also increasing. The chairman Adhikari of the rural municipality says that these routes have been prepared targeting the trekking connoisseurs.

Dordi Rural Municipality is an area with great potential for mountain tourism. "There are many places here that are very suitable destinations for a few days camping trek," he said, adding, "We will work together to promote these places."

The rural  municipality has allocated 69 lakh budget for the current financial year under the heading of tourism. The presiding Adhikari said that they are preparing to make Dordi Rural Municipality an excellent destination by promoting places with special touristic potential.

On this issue, the official held a press conference in Kathmandu on Thursday and discussed three trekking routes.

According to him, a four-day search for a new trekking route has been completed in Dordi recently. Along with this, 8-day and 11-day trekking routes will also be ready in about a year. "Since it is a forest road, some infrastructure will have to be developed on this route," he said.

The trekking route starting from Nauthar sera in Dordi will descend to Nautharsera again from Damrab via Ilampokhari, Lipe Lake. This trek will be for four days.

Similarly Nauthar Sera can be descended through Ilampokhari, Lipe Lake, Nautanche, Mulmche, Ukhand Tanje. This route will be 8 days.

Another route will be Nauthar Sera Ilampokhari, Lipe Lake, Nautanche, Mulmche, Ukhand to Meme Lake. An 11-day trekking can be done to Besi city from Meme Pond via Kumro Danda Bahr Pond via Hilletxar, Old Door or Peace Hill.

Mimalchuli Himal (7883 m) visible directly in front of Lipe is also in Dordi Rural Municipality. The possibility of climbing the mountain is being explored. From Lipe Lake, Nautanche, Ajirkot of Gorkha passing through Dudh Pokhari, Rubinala Pass, Larke Pass and Manab can be reached.

There is no motorable road on this route as there is no human settlement. Therefore, this route can be suitable for trekking.

Maye Pond can be reached via Route Bahr Pond to the west. The eastern route can be reached through Ilampokhari to Lipe. He said that efforts are being made to connect Lipe of the eastern route and Memepokhari of the western route.

Ilampokhari-Lipe-Damrab is a great short trek for those who want to do it and can also be done as a 'warm-up' trek before climbing the mountain. As the routes here are round treks, the excitement lasts till the end of the journey.

In order to make it easier for the tourists who are trekking in the area where there is no human settlement, the municipality is working to develop the sheep sheds along the route as shelters.

Yuvaraj Adhikari, chairman of the municipality, said that in coordination with the municipality, necessary training is being given to owners of sheep sheds and sheep herders in tourism culture development as well as welcoming guests.

"Therefore, we expect that the tourists who are trekking on that route will be able to make shelters in sheep sheds during storms or snowfall," he said. This route is expected to be very peaceful and pleasant to enjoy the organic taste of trekking.'

He says that the municipality is eager to welcome tourists to this area, which has excellent routes for short treks. From this route, the snow ranges from Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna to Manaslu are very attractive.