May 28, 2023

Tourism Minister Sudan Kirati inspects of Nepalgunj Airport

Tourism Minister Sudan Kirati inspects of Nepalgunj Airport


NEPALGUNJ, March 02: Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati has conducted an on-site monitoring of Nepalgunj Airport.

He took information about the new terminal building under construction and instructed them to complete the terminal building on time. Based on the master plan built in 2017, the construction of a facility-equipped terminal building has started in Nepalgunj.

According to the airport project, there will be 14 ticket counters, 72 different shops, and three visiting rooms in the building which is going to be constructed at a cost of three billion. It is said that the terminal building, which aims to be operational within 37 months, will use state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

After the inspection, Minister Kirati mentioned that 10 percent of the work on the newly constructed terminal has been completed in the interaction program related to the upgrading, development and expansion of Nepalgunj Airport and also asked to pay attention to the quality in the name of speedy work.

He mentioned that the basis of tourism is physical infrastructure, planes and roads and said that economic development can be achieved through the promotion of tourism.

Member of the House of Representatives from Banke Region No. 2. Dhavalshamsher Rana expressed his belief that if flights from Nepalganj to Delhi, Dehradun and Chandigarh, it will transform the development of this region. He mentioned that even now there are complaints that locals have not received the money for land acquisition and said that tourists can be attracted by viewing Mansarovar.

Engineer Pradeep Adhikari, Director General of Civil Aviation Authority, informed that domestic and international flights will be conducted from the newly constructed terminal building and said that there has been a change in air flights compared to the past. A detailed description of the master plan was also presented on the occasion.

Meanwhile, the member of the House of Representatives, Dr. Rana, Prashant Bista, Mayor of the Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan district, and others submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Kirati , drawing attention to developing Nepalgunj as a religious tourism destination. 

Stating that Buddha Air is ready to fly Nepalgunj-Delhi, Nepalgunj-Chandigarh and Nepalgunj-Dehradun if permission is granted, Dr. Rana asked the Nepalese side to demand the flight.