Jun 23, 2024

Tourism Minister Kirati introduced 10 point action plan

Tourism Minister Kirati introduced 10 point action plan

KATHMANDU, Feb 28: Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati has introduced  a ten-point action plan.

During a meeting with journalists on Monday, Minister Kirati announced the list of five-point works that have been improved within 42 days of assuming office and also public the list of his future 10 plans and works.

Minister Kirati said that the establishment of Pashupati University, three-month Pashupati Sanitation Campaign, formation of a permanent unit in the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to receive complaints on gender-based violence among others.     

He also said that guidelines will be prepared to institutionalize cleanliness, conduct (hop and hop-up) traffic in heritage areas and formation of a grounded plane investigation committee.

The 10-point list includes the work of advancing the civil aviation bill process, initiating diplomatic initiatives to operate the Gautam Buddha International Airport, expanding the Bharatpur airport and expanding Namaste tourist services.

Minister Kirati said earlier that online ticketing, sanitation and management reform, air safety directives, Lumbin master plan study and report as well as tight management of internet access in airport and other departmental areas.