May 28, 2023

NAC reduced fare for Dang

NAC reduced fare for Dang

KATHMANDU, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has reduced the fare rate of Dang.

Mahendra Sharma, Dang Incharge of NAC, told that they have started booking tickets at the reduced fares since Saturday.

"From now on, only those who buy tickets are buying tickets at a reduced fare," he said, "Our letter to reduce the fare as per the demand of the passengers has been accepted."

Dang in-charge Sharma said that he had written to the center office about 20 days ago to reduce the fare as per the demand of passengers.

He said that now the minimum fare for Dang-Kathmandu is 6,300 rupees and the minimum fare for Kathmandu-Dang is 6,500 rupees.

Earlier, the minimum fare of Dang-Kathmandu was 8 thousand 800 rupees. The minimum fare from Kathmandu to Dang was Rs 9,000.

Dang in-charge Sharma said that the fares have been reduced due to the establishment of a fuel depot at Dang Airport, the addition of refueling facilities, and the reduction in the price of air fuel compared to earlier.

He said that with the aim of making the air service accessible to all passengers without charging too much and not too cheap, they have written a letter to reduce the fare and it has been accepted.

"Even from Nepalgunj, the average is about 6,000 now," he said.

He said that even if the number of passengers is increased, it is fair to reduce the fare.

He argued that there is a situation where 15 passengers can be sent easily instead of 8 people.

Nepal Airlines is currently flying to Dang four days a week on Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Private airline company Sita Air has also been flying to Dang since February 15th.

Sita Air has been flying on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.