Jun 21, 2024

Global IME Bank's 5-year 'Global IME Bank Debentures' allotment

Global IME Bank's 5-year 'Global IME Bank Debentures' allotment

KATHMANDU: Global IME Bank Limited has allotted '11.25 Global IME Bank Debentures 2084/85' of 5 years tenure.

The bank had issued 500,000 shares of bonds with a face value of Rs 1,000 per bond equal to Rs 5 billion. Out of the total bonds issued, 60 percent i.e. 300 million bonds equal to 3 billion rupees have been distributed individually.

It is said that applications for 52,15,000 debentures have been duly received from a total of 23 applicants for 30 lakh debentures issued individually. As per the application, 30 lakh debenture shares have been distributed proportionately as the received shares are 1.74 times more than the issued shares.

19,30,000 shares issued to the general public (excluding 70,000 shares allotted to collective investment funds) total of 1,266 applicants for debentures totaling 21,31,294 debentures were duly received, 1.10 times the number of debentures issued. A large number of applications were received for procurement.

In this case, 1,264 applicants who demanded from 25 to 3,00,000 shares were kept in one group, 11,31,294 shares as per demand and 2 applicants who demanded 5,00,000 shares were proportionally divided into 7,98,706 shares, totaling 19 300,000 debentures have been allotted.