May 29, 2024

CAAN directs to banned flight two NAC pilots

CAAN directs to banned  flight two NAC pilots

KATHMANDU, Feb 25: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has instructed the crew members of the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) who misbehaved with the flight attendants during the flight to immediately banned the flight.

The CAAN said that on July 12, flight attendants were abused during a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Tribhuvan International Airport.

The CAAN has instructed the NAC on Friday to immediately stop all the active members involved in that action from flying.

According to the CAAN, the crew members of the NAC's flight number RA-416 have judged the flight attendants to be unprofessional and misbehaved and recommended action.

CAAN spokesperson Jagannath Niraula did not reveal how many people were involved in the incident.

He said, "We have instructed you to take action against all those who were involved in the abuse." How many people were involved, the NAC will investigate and take action.

However, NAC sources informed that four people have been charged in the incident.

The source said, "This is an old incident. 4 crew members are said to be involved. That's the main thing. After further investigation, we will know what the leadership will do now.'

According to a senior official of the CAAN, the incident took place during the flight of a narrow body plane on that day. The official said that the chief pilot and the co-pilot were to blame.

Stating that if the pilot and co-pilot do anything wrong, the safety risk will increase in the flight and he said that he has instructed the NAC not to fly until the investigation and report is submitted.

It is a narrow body plane, it has a pilot and a co-pilot. Apart from the hostess, it also has cabin attendants. There are also boys', he said, 'the main ones are 2. We have asked to take action on who else is involved.'